We believe 50 exceptional technologists are
better than 500 mediocre ones

At HeadsTrait, we go through enormous
lengths to ensure our technologists are exceptional

We are very selective about who we hire that we typically hire 1 out of over 100 people who apply for our jobs

Our employees go through a rigorous 6-month training program

We provide them challenging, complex problems to solve

Traits we value
Take ownership of the work you are entrusted with. Be it a feature or a complete subsystem, we love it when our team member says "Leave it with me, I got it!"
Get creative to find solutions where others have failed. When you hit a wall, figure out ways to go around it
Refine solutions so that they can be showcased as examples. Beautiful UX, clean/reusable code, fully automated tests, and more
Communicate the merits of what you have built to your stakeholders in terms of value rather than technical jargon
Technology introduces change. Help make the change the new normal. Educate and drive adoption of your solution